Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Substituting Addictions- Boundaries aren't enough

Long time no post...
I've fallen off the wagon with my various victim behaviors, lost the domain names, web hosting accounts,
Gotten evicted (knew it was coming, let it happen), slept in my car for
a week (in early winter... Baltimore is far enough north to get really
cold sometimes)

Now I'm living with my children, ex-wife is 2 weeks clean from crack, booted out
ex wife, moved out of an apartment with a crack
addicted, manipulative roommate, gotten saved and baptized at the
church that is my biggest customer

And what have I learned?

I was wrong.

Didn’t have enough info

What happens when you suddenly have a boundary system when you didn't
have one?

You get to your core.

I learned volumes about self destructive behavior, MY self destructive
behavior from a movie on gambling addiction.

At my core I still don't like myself

More, much more later
Love you

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Unlimited First Downs

My take on HP is:

Grace is a gift
We don't have to earn it
You can't get 'extra brownie points'
We all get the same quantity of Grace

Jesus doesn't take off points for past

The only one who does that is US
it's a self inflicted wound

The total amount of resources Jesus
made available to us at 9 months old,
was still there at 29 years old and
will still be there at 69 years of age.

He doesn't take off points for past failures...
it's a self inflicted wound to do that.

We basically get unlimited first downs.
Every time we take a breath, it's first and ten.

Even if we got sacked for a loss the last
50 or 500 times the ball was snapped.

David Bruce Jr.
Baltimore MD
Assign Blame and Keep Score
that's what you're reduced to without functional boundaries

Friday, August 05, 2005


a) Webster's Dictionary defines "resentment" as
"indignation" or "ill- will" felt as a result of a real or
imagined offense." Webster's then refers the reader to the
word "anger" and gives other examples of this thought or
feeling, which includes rage, fury, ire, wrath, resentment,
and indignation. These words denote varying degrees of
displeasure from anger (strong, intense, and explosive) to
the longer lasting resentment (ill-will and suppressed
anger generated by a sense of being wronged by another or
being wrong).

More on this topic and much more
is available on

It's King Henry's fault that we worship science
and ingore intuition

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