Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Describe Codependency Through Movies -Ben Stiller in Mystery Men

When someone is codependent or "does codependent behavior" they're usually the last one to know.
Having said that no one is ALL Codependent or NON Codependent, it's always a mix. People with damaged sense of self worth (regardless of the source of that "damage") can be said to "exhibit Codependent Behaviors".. that's not the same thing as identifying ones self as "YOUR CODEPENDENT... and I'm not

Now if YOU'RE codependent, typically you're not likely to be aware of it, to those that love you, interact with you, people you have an impact on.. .they're the ones who're likely to:
complain about you
be affected by you
and because of that... those people are like canaries were to miners... they are your alarm

But us codependents tend to want to organize our beliefs around all or nothing. We tend to overlook the fact that no one is 100% codependent all of the time. That's a function of one of the root behaviors of codependency is we identify ourselves as our affliction

Healthy people can call themselves "I'm David"
Codependent people identify themselves as "I'm depressed"

So if you or someone you love you suspect might be codependent, you could look to characters portrayed in recent movies to get an idea of what types of behaviors are "codependent"

 In the movie Mystery Men, Ben Stiller portrays a superhero, a failed superhero, or a superhero wanna be.. his character is "Furious"

The codependent parts of this "Furious" character are that this character likes to think of himself as a "ticking time bomb"... "don't make me hurt you" or "walk on egg shells around me cuz if you dare *set me off* I can't be held responsible for my actions"

Codependents want to live in a world where someone else "did something to me" and somehow that justifies them to have to get even.

Codependents believe they're "DUE" a "special dispensation"

more later

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