Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Substituting Addictions- Boundaries aren't enough

Long time no post...
I've fallen off the wagon with my various victim behaviors, lost the domain names, web hosting accounts,
Gotten evicted (knew it was coming, let it happen), slept in my car for
a week (in early winter... Baltimore is far enough north to get really
cold sometimes)

Now I'm living with my children, ex-wife is 2 weeks clean from crack, booted out
ex wife, moved out of an apartment with a crack
addicted, manipulative roommate, gotten saved and baptized at the
church that is my biggest customer

And what have I learned?

I was wrong.

Didn’t have enough info

What happens when you suddenly have a boundary system when you didn't
have one?

You get to your core.

I learned volumes about self destructive behavior, MY self destructive
behavior from a movie on gambling addiction.

At my core I still don't like myself

More, much more later
Love you

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