Wednesday, October 08, 2008

People dont want to get better?

My mother is an L.C.S.W. (Licenced Clinical Social Worker), she's retired now.

She worked for the State of Louisiana and had a private practice.

She gave up her private practice... in disgust!

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Almost everyone she counseled... couples mostly... wanted to:

  • Pay her to make it look like they were doing something about their problems

  • Use the counseling to 'make the other partner wrong'

  • Didn't really want to make anything better

  • Were completely UNAWARE that they had any 'hidden agenda'

  • the last line there is related to the previous post in this blog.
    Ever wonder why people buy exercise bikes and leave em in the back room gathering dust?

    They want to LOOK like their concerned about X, Y or Z

    But unconsciously they don't really want to 'fix' x, y or z.

    Unconsciously we actually would be lonely if our dysfunctions and neurosis left us.

    We're so accustomed to the paradigm of dysfunction, paradigm where we suck and everyone else is allowed to succeed.

    What our family of origin's premise was is this:

    You aren't LOVED unless X
    You're supposed to go out and find a mate that replays the script your parents had when you were growing up...

    and you're supposed to pretend that you aren't aware of're supposed to act, think, walk, talk, smell, eat and sweat as if your criteria for choosing a mate is actually YOUR decision.


    quit reliving your parents fucked up ness and ... you'll have to wait for another post for that

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