Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mind over Matter- religion vs spirtuality

I have issues with organized religion.
But I do believe in a power greater than me.

see: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

I'm not alone with this problem.

Many people in recovery have issues with A.A. and the 12 steps.

I joined a few yahoogroups email lists on addictions and recovery
issues...The groups that are anti AA are Vehemently opposed to God,
higher power and any 'power' other than their own power of reason.

In my last post I was searching for a book that changed my
philosophical life, a few years ago,
Reenchantment of the World is apparently back in print.
I excitedly threw up a quick post and blurb because I discovered
that Morris Berman lives and works near me....

In that book Berman posited the idea (this is from memory and I read
the book 27 years ago)that the world view a few hundred years ago
was very different than it is now, and that the hierarchical concept
of God being "Up there" and we are lessor beings "Down here" and
if we do "Good" we get to go "Up there" and if we do "Bad" we go
down somewhere unpleasant.

Plato did not do experiments, in fact in Plato's time anything that
could be measured was suspect to error, it was "mortal".
They called this kinda stuff "sensible"
not because it made good sense (what we use the term for nowadays)
but because it described phenomena that could be felt through the
5 senses.
A concept on the other hand was "eternal", the first shmuck who
'conjured up' a perfect sphere in his mind... that sphere, the
concept of a sphere was immutable, unchangeable, a 100 or 1000
years later no one else can dream up a sphere that is more
spherelike, the original sphere cannot lose it's spherehood, nor
can a perfect sphere be enhanced/ turbocharged/ improved and so on.
This kinda stuff was termed 'intelligible'

For this reason no one from Plato's time until Galileo ever tried
to test anything/ no measurements (In Plato's time they had no
standard foot/ meter/ second etc)

What was heavenly was considered perfect... God was up there and
we were stuck down here.

To challenge this idea was to be labeled a heretic, you could get
burned at the stake for heresy.

I'm tired now
will have to bring this post up to date w/ Newton DeCarte and
the 'billiard ball' universe later
then take it to "Star Wars" and the guy who wrote about Myth
the guy who influenced the Star Wars guy (damn I'm really tired)

will fix this later, wanted to throw it up here before I lost
my train of thought... gotta pay the bills now
it's time to make the doughnuts.

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