Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It's all King Henry's fault

Way back... King Henry wanted to get a divorce
The Catholic Church at that time kinda shared power with all of, or most of the kings that ran the various Western countries...
The Pope wouldn't let King Henry get divorced, cause in Catholicism,
Nobody can get divorced.

The Vatican used to have an army, and they used to use it.
...At the time King Henry asked for a special dispensation to get
a new wife the Vatican was militarily weak.
England was far enough away for King Henry to thumb his royal nose and the pope... He told the pope to f*** off and started the Church of England (you know, the archbishop of Canterbury?)

This was the same time Sir Issac Newton was doing his scientific thing...

After Ann Bolyn got her head lopped off, Newton had to rewrite all his treatises because it was no longer politically correct to say
ANYTHING about religion or spirituality lest you incur the wrath of King Henry... you'd lose you head

For 400 years the west has worshipped science.
This is the start of Western thought regarding the subjective as
Superstition (the mini ice age and it's relation to the Spanish inquisition and spectral evidence convicting the girls in the Salem Witch Hunt didn't help either)

Assign Blame
Keep Score
And argue facts that are in disagreement.

This is all you get to look forward to without:

Functional, Healthy Personal boundaries

Up till now you thought you were the voice inside your head
That voice is your Ego

You are much more than an Ego

It is: Logical, Analytical, Pragmatic and virtually useless to heal

Working ONLY with your Logical Left Brain is like re-arranging the furniture on the Titanic!

From my newest ebook

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