Sunday, November 18, 2007

DARK AGES AMERICA -- Blog for Morris Berman

DARK AGES AMERICA -- Blog for Morris Berman

This guy wrote THE book that changed my life, I read about him in the first aniversary issue of the magazine Omni, this was way back in 1979 or there about...
I'm not even sure if Omni magazine is still published.

What was neat about all of the above is that:
Star Wars (and the "Force") just came out
Right after that my Dad (who died in 2002) had just read a book
about altnerative healing from a guy who was skeptical, the author
was a stock/ investment/ Wall Street broker who as observing his
coworkers croaking from stress...

that authors influence lead my Dad to TM
and me to E.S.T
the following month both me and Dad took E.S.T.

"The Re-enchantment of the World" changed my life... permanently for the better.

Therein I learned this quote:
Maximum is not Optimum

(I didn't realize I was mildly manic-depressive for years later, the actual
diagnosis was 'hypomania')

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