Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We're all kinda schizophrenic

ALL of us are kinda schizophrenic... really.

In a very real sense, we all have multiple personalities, even healthy people (by healthy I mean functional or relatively functional people, NO one is functional all of the time, Our TARGET STATE is Inter-dependence, not Codependency)

We have a left brain and a right brain, we have a pair of eyes and a pair of ears, presumably for depth perception (a that word, perception, a LOT more on that concept later)

our Mind (I make a distinction between brain and Mind) also records in stereo:

One set of records/ memories is "What Happened"
the other set of records is "How we Felt about What Happened"

and it's also VERY useful to note that for the vast majority of the time, the playing back (recollection of) those set of recordings is:
A) on autopilot
B) unconscious

By that I mean it usually never occurs to us that we can vary/ control the 'strength' of, the 'volume of' those play backs...

not only that, most of us are completely oblivious of just how much that PLAYBACK colors, influences... actually CONTROLS the choices we make available to us.

Notice I said: WE MAKE AVAILABLE TO US, not shit is happening to us that is outside of our control... NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING TO US, we connect the internal dots to assign meaning to incoming stimuli.

Damm, now I've got to go to work again, will fill in the blanks later to this thread of consciousness

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Anonymous said...

David, I've been meaning to say, "Welcome back." It's been ages since we've had contact. I became concerned and a little worried about you wwhen you poofed into thin air but felt that you'd return when the time was right for you.

Welcome back, kiddo!

David Bruce said...


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