Wednesday, September 03, 2008

God's Eye View- the subject object relation

God's Eye View

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I took E.S.T. in August 1979, There I was exposed to the idea that God is nowhere...
we are 'here' by virtue of us not being anywhere else,
God is no where because he's Everywhere.

This is a lot more than just semantics.

I'm a codependent.
I'm an incest survivor.
I'm an addict.

I came to that conclusion from reading and listening to
John Bradshaw's work. Bradshaw bases much of his work on
Family Systems Theory.

One of the tenants of Bradshaw's work is that as codependents, we're
we identify ourselves from others, not from ourselves.

Up till now you thought you were the voice inside your head
That voice is your Ego

You are much more than an Ego

It is: Logical, Analytical, Pragmatic and virtually useless to heal

“Up till now you thought you were the voice in the back of
your head”

“You actually thought that was you”

What you are, in reality, is a space for events to occur in"

Ahh "The denigration of the ego"… and why at least the temporary subjugation of the ego would be a good idea.

hmm, it seems in my vigor to explain our ego construct’s (and it is a construct, of our own creation) limitations…

I forgot to express that busting our ego from Sargent back to private was supposed to be temporary. (I wrote a book where I described our Ego as a non com (non commissioned officer- a "Sargent" that runs the show internally)

my bad…

Our ego IS useful, without it, I feel we’d be like the character Dustin Hoffman played in Rain Man. OK, so Raymond was an autistic savant, sue me… you get the picture.

John Bradshaw, who shaped most of my theology/psychology says that “in order to give up the ego, we’ve gotta have a healthy one, first!”

Our ego (construct) is not broken

It got us here didn’t it?
It kept a roof over our head, kept us from losing our jobs, we still have (most of us) have all our fingers and toes???

Our Ego is without a doubt, probably the most useful tool at our disposal.

If you ask it, however, it wants to think it’s the ONLY tool at our disposal… as a matter of fact, our ego also thinks it IS us (and right now it’s wondering who the hell you think you are implying that some other part of you might be present, let alone in charge???)

It’s simply not the best tool to have at the wheel full time, if the only tool in your tool box is a hammer, all of your problems tend to look like nails.

Our ego is HALF of our management.
It just doesn’t know it.

Does your car have a stick shift?

A car’s clutch pedal is not deficient because it fails to be a gas pedal.

A gas pedal is not deficient because it fails to be a clutch pedal.

With the tool of Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP) we can take our minds out of gear, long enough to fiddle with the clutch and learn to work our logical, analytical left brain in harmony with our non linear, intuitive right brain… without slipping the clutch!

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