Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spiritual Practice vs. Spiritual Growth

Is your spiritual growth creating the results you want?

I'm not talking about enlightenment. I'm talking about growth in other life areas. We are, after all, whole beings. Expansion in one area of our lives must be reflected in all other life areas.

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It's not unreasonable to expect spiritual growth to create a greater level of fulfillment, more financial abundance, more satisfaction within relationships, and a greater sense of health and well-being. I'll go even further than that. If the rest of our lives are not showing expansion, then we're not really growing spiritually.

What we may be doing instead is simply practicing.

Meditation, prayer, journaling, fasting or doing yoga are called spiritual "practices" for a reason. Have you ever wondered what we are practicing for? These activities are not the main event -- they are just how we "practice." These activities allow us to "practice" new states of Being so that we may then apply them to the rest of our lives. Taken into the rest of our lives, these new states of Being will create new action, and new results. That's the point of spiritual practice. We are, after all, here to express ourselves as Divine Beings. We're here to create the lives we want, to be Creators of our human experience.

It's easy being Buddha- or Christ-like when we're sitting on a meditation pillow. It's not so easy when we try to take this state of Being out into the world, into our relationships, our work, our parenting, or dinner with our in-laws.

It can be so difficult taking that we don't even try. We relegate our spiritual growth to the realm of the spiritual "practice." We become all about our time on the meditation pillow or the yoga mat. We seek out environments in which it's easy to be oh-so-spiritual. We ignore the fact that we are hardly able to pay the bills, or are miserable in our relationship, or feel exhausted all the time. We are, after all, able to escape into bliss on our meditation pillow every day.

In the meantime, the more we connect to our Higher Selves, the higher our vibration rates, the more obviously any energetic misalignments will manifest themselves. Our life circumstances may actually deteriorate as we increase our spiritual "practice" if we just keep doing what we've always done. This, in turn, may send us running back to the comfort and safe haven of our spiritual "practice" instead of addressing the underlying issues that are calling out to be resolved. Spirituality becomes escapism.

Is your spiritual growth creating the results you want in the rest of your life? Or is your spirituality just an abstract, a theory, a "practice?" Are you ready to take your spiritual "practice" into the main event of life? Are you ready to translate your spirituality into new action and new results that are the fullest expression of your Being?

It's time to make ourselves, as spiritual Beings, manifest in every way we choose.

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