Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why You Cant See Your Behavior As Victim Behavior

Victim Behavior is from non functional boundaries.

Boundaries can only be seen when you interact with someone else.
If you are the party allowing your boundaries to be "over stepped" you have the possibility of being aware of a boundary problem. (that doesn't mean you will automatically be aware of it)
If you are the party getting the "bigger half", often you cant see what the problem is... for you, there is no problem.

Identifying a behavior pattern is useful and necessary but more often than not does not automatically lead to correcting the problem.

If you've been practicing a repetitive pattern of victim behavior, you discover you don't like the results you're getting, take steps to improve your situation... most of you will, unfortunately... miss it

sounds unbelievable

You will miss it like you miss an old friend

Part of you is comfortable with the pattern of you allowing yourself to be screwed over

Most of you reading this will refuse to believe it

A huge percentage of people who win the lottery, end up broke, end up actually wishing it had never happened to them.

100% of them would say the same thing you just said about missing your victim behavior

This article is for informational purposes only.
Please contact a licensed professional in your area
if you are in crisis or require mental health services

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Motivation and passion said...

There are also internal boundaries that can be seen internally. An internal boundary according to Pia Mellody protects our thinking, feeling and behavior and keeps them functional. In addition, internal boundaries prevent us from allowing abusive thoughts to enter into our minds. The internal boundary examines the thought, determines its health and either deletes, or allow access.

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