Saturday, June 21, 2003

Dysfunctional Behavior Rapid Repair Manual
A short report about an effective strategy to end
Dysfunctional Behavior Patterns.

Up till now you thought you were the voice inside your head
That voice is your Ego

You are much more than an Ego

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The only real time expiriances we have are:

With our selves (our authentic self)
and with God

consider this:
All perceptions are in the past

When we look up at the night sky, some of those
stars are not there anymore... it took so long
for the light to travel here, that some stars
have exploded millions of years ago

We'd never know that by looking with our eyes

All sight, anything we see- light takes 186,000 mph
to reach us, then several milliseconds for our
optical nerves, cornea, retina as so on to process

All we hear, sound travels at 760mph at sea level,
anyway- everthing we hear is in the past

Even Sex, the closest we can be with another person
swaping bodily fluids and such...

tactile expiriances take milliseconds
for our nervous system to process

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"Self Esteem Takes Too Long"

Self Destrucitve Behavior; Rapid Repair Manual


nope, the website was down because of a temporary server problem
at my host. They rebooted the server when they discovered the problem.

I freaked out for nothing.

I'm really feeling like sh** because I've not yet quit smoking...not only that
I've been substituting addictions- and rationalizing that it's not that bad
because I handled my major addictions- recreational drugs- almost 5 years
sex addiction 8 years
victim based behavior addiction *my really big one* year and a half

I've been pigging out on sugar, bittin my fingernails, letting stress creep up
on me, not excercizing (well down to every 3 days, till I noticed the physical
pain and loss of mobility and restarted my walking campaign)

I'm supposed to (or I told myself I was gonna) wrap all my addictions into one.

if I act out on one, I've acted out on all of em- one is not more socially more
acceptable than the other, or being a crack addict or heroin junkie

it's self righteous of me to see the heroin addicts in West Baltimore and think
more highly of myself when I'm still a cigarette smoking, caffine fiendish

more later

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