Sunday, June 22, 2003

A snippet from a sexual addiction mailing list I belong to

This is a response to my question about 'giving your addict a name',

My addict is RJ. He is completely self centered, has 100% zero frustration
tolerance, and lots more I won't bother to type.

"A problem is a problem because it causes problems" Auth. UKN. But when it
is no longer a problem to us, the we don't see it any more. And we work on
the next thing that is a "problem". So we learn to find solutions to our
problems. And the problems disappear. Or else remain a problem. For me often
because I (or RJ can't see) can't see how "no pain means no gain" and I
settle for the low yield default setting of lust.

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note to self:
find more stuff on the idea of naming your inner addict, it's a kind of
separate the sin from the sinner concept
more later

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