Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rational Mind limitations

From the study of N.L.P. (Neuro Lingustic Programing), which is the study of subjective experience, we know that all you can hold in your head is 7 +/- bits of information.

Nine *chunks* simultaneously that is.

John Bradshaw says that what he calls our Ego consciousness is what is being defined there.

He goes on to discuss the possibility that we are much more than an Ego.

Consciousness is much more than what Ego can handle.

Consciousness is great, it's good to have... but there is much more
there are more than just the 5 senses.

The problem with Ego consciousness is if I 'chunk' on you I'm not conscious of me.

Ego is about predictability.
With out Ego, we'd be like "Rain Man", the character Dustin Hoffman played.

We're used to the predictable rythms of the universe.
This "Ego Structure" is our predictability structure.

What if the sun didn't come up for 2 weeks...
we'd start getting scared... "this is wierd, you know the sun hasn't come up... call channel 7..."

Codependents get stuck in ego predictability:
"She's been bitching and nagging at him to come home early.
She's been doing it for 16 years...
and hasn't caught on YET that it doesn't work"
more later

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