Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Treat a symptom or go for the cure?

I was just reading the posts on a codependency email list I belong to, I stay on this list both to enjoy the fruits of list members ES&H and to give back some Experience, Strength and Hope from me to the list.

I just had to throw part of an email exchange up here before I forget it:

Someone wrote:
Dependency is so engrained and webbed throughout our
thought processes... we/I can never change it."

My response (and this was ONLY my thoughts on this single line in their post):

I don't think so, if you tell yourself something is
hard/difficult or impervious to change... it is.

In 1953, before Roger Banister ran a mile in less
than 4 minutes, all the experts said a human runners
physical limit is that we, genetically, cannot run
a mile faster than 4 mins.

Within 3 weeks of Banister running 3.59 whatever,
3 other guys broke 4 min.

What changed?
They were all Olympic World Class athletes.
The type of training they used was similar
nothing happened training wise in those 3 weeks.

the only change was that a "glass ceiling"
This is empirical proof that Attitude can be at least
as powerful as more tangible 'training'.

There is a story Tony Robbins tells about a calculus
student who fell asleep in class, he woke up at the
sound of the bell, wrote down what he supposed was
the weekend's homework.

The following Monday he said to the prof:
"that was the hardest homework you've ever handed out"
Teach said: "what homework? You mean the theorem
on the blackboard? That's a theorem that's been
unsolved for thousands of years"

the student had solved it, why?
because no one told him he couldn't.
he assumed, that last year's class solved it.
All the prof's alumni solved it
most of his classmates were gonna solve it.

...why is it that placebos work so often?

tell yourself this codependency stuff is gonna
haunt you for life and it will.

Most doctors prescribe stuff that treats symptoms...
How many cure?

Why settle for masking our symptoms?

David Bruce Jr.
Frederick MD

This article is for informational purposes only.
Please contact a licensed professional in your area
if you are in crisis or require mental health services

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