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Brain functions as high fidelity tape recorder

More from "I'm OK--You're OK

Page 11

"In summary we may conclude:
1. The brain functions as a high-fidelity tape recorder.
2. The feelings which were associated with past experiences also are recorded and are inextricably locked to those experiences
3. Persons can exist in two states at the same time. The patient knew he was on the operating table talking with (Dr.) Penfield; he equally knew he was seeing the "Seven-Up Bottling Company... and Harrison Bakery." He was dual in that he was at the same time in the experience and outside of it, observing it.

(hmm, now I'm going to have to find the passage explaining that the patient was remembering something from work, looks like he worked at a 7Up plant and or a bakery, well this IS as blog & I can edit this later when I've more time)

4. These recorded experiences and feelings associated with them are available for replay today in as vivid a form as when they happened and provide much of the data which determines the nature of today's transactions. These experiences not only can be recalled but also relived. I not only remember how I felt. I feel the same way now.

(now this explains much of why codependents react in screwy ways to stuff in the here and now, and why healthier people think we're nuts, what's in our 'flight data recorder' is erroneous, what's in the healthy persons 'flight data recorded' is relatively sane)

Adult Children of Alcoholics feel more screwy than normal people.

The Drunk can blame the pint.

The Crack Addict can blame the 8ball he smoked (eighth of an ounce of crack to the uninitiated)

The Adult Child (which I'm saying is synonymous with Codependency) is doing addictive stuff, self destructive stuff and it appears he's doing it for NO reason???

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