Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why so many can't deal with the 12 steps.

Why is it so many people are Agnostic or Atheist, or like George Carlin (who just died) are Antagonistic towards God?

What is it about conventional organized religion that pisses so many people off?

Religion, organized religion with it's centuries old dogma, or specifically the way current society interprets that dogma is...

Power Struggle at it's worst.
This is a travesty.

From an Ebook I wrote titled: "Self Worth, not Self Esteem"

Up until now you thought you were the voice in the back of your head...
What you are actually is a "Space For Events To Occur In"

Without Ego, without the brain's reticular activating system, you'd go nuts.

From the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming or N.L.P (the main ingredient to Tony Robbins work) we know that all the human brain can hold with any accuracy is 7 plus or minus bits of information at one time.

9 chunks of information.

Ok, so how many other bits of info is your subconscious handling at any moment in time?

Balance, temperature, gravity, blood pressure, pulse, what your ex wife did yesterday that continues to piss you off today, the fact that you miss your father who passed away 3 years ago, the memory of your granddaughter's smile a couple days ago... you get my drift.

The problem with Ego or ego's point of view is that it confuses you into thinking that it's the ONLY point of reference worth having... not only that, ego wants you to think that IT'S Point of View is the ONLY point of view.

The problem with that is Vantage Point
Reference Point

For spirituality to make any reasonable sense to you, you have to first have NO Reference point.

You view the world in measurements.
The interval of time and or space (space time really) between where you (think) you are now and elsewhere...

Like the erroneous concept of:
A is where you are &
B is the target state, where you'd like to be
(or end up)

This methodology engenders a punitive approach.

A punitive approach that is built in, it's built into the presupposition of each and every thought, attempt, event, anything you perceive...without you even thinking about it.


The fish to the fish bowl.

the fish is vaguely aware that there's stuff outside the fishbowl... but since he cant do anything about it, what's the point?

Dogma, or post middle ages dogma, assumes:

We suck
We just aint no dang good without God
We'd better obey or else???

Where did they get the assumumption that we're automatically going to not obey?

Dale Carneigie wrote "How to Win Friends and Influence People"the main tenet was this:

Don't Criticize, Condem or Complain

Do this or you'll go to hell???

I prefer to look at spirituality this way:

Ride the horse in the direction he's going...

more later, it's time to make the doughnuts
gotta pay the bills

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