Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let the chips fall where they may- the 3rd step

If you believe in a higher power... even if you kinda sorta believe (agnostic)

Worry is counter productive

What you're doing when you Worry is telling the universe that you concede that you're a piece of dung... you've lost confidence not only in yourself, but you've conceded to God, the universe, source energy...

That there's no hope for you.

Who in the hell do you think you are?

...You think your the best worst that ever lived?

I could tell you all about how Worry diminishes your immune system, how it trashes your nervous system... but those are secondary to what's really going on.

You just slapped God in the face!

The third step- Turn it over

If you cannot do this, if you don't wanna do this, if you brush this one off...

think about it... it's a TRUST issue

Remember the early Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade Movie?
The one where Indy's father (played by Sean Connery) get shot.
And Indy has to trust the ancient hieroglyphics to save his father?

The third test.. I think it's the 3rd one, Indy comes to a mountain opening...
he's got to trust that if he steps out into the void... he'll get where he needs to go.

He steps

it looks like he'll fall to his death... but Indy has no choice if he's gonna save his Dad...

Indy steps out...

and there's a hidden walk way

this is exactly what the 3rd step is all about

either you trust God or you've given your Ego complete control

If you worry, don't pray
If you Pray, don't worry

This article is for informational purposes only.
Please contact a licensed professional in your area
if you are in crisis or require mental health services

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