Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Went back to truck driving

I've not posted since Dec 8, on Dec 9 I took a job for the winter.

I drove a tractor trailer for a company that is a US Mail contractor.
I loved it, got sick, learned I have some serious gastric aliment,
have painful kidney stones that I never passed and communicated all
this to the US Postal Service.

I communicated to them that I will have medical insurance on Feb 1
and scheduled Doctor visits... I also went to the Frederick County
(Maryland) Health Department for a blood test...
I also got the flu...

The (Unjust) transportation manager for the US Post Office that
is in charge of Suburban Washington DC mail at Shady Grove Rd
in Gaithersburg Maryland fired me the day before my health insurance
kicked in...

I recently learned that Blue Mountain Express was full of shit!
The Transportation manager at the Shady Grove Suburban DC Post Office
wasn't the one that fired me... Blue Mtn Express fired me and just told
me that the Post Office did it.

BME apparently either did not believe I was sick or just didn't want to
have to deal with a driver that might have to take off for being sick.

I'm not fired from the company I work for, I'm only fired from the
USPS route that I was assigned to. My illness made me late on my route
4 times in 5 weeks and I took a day off when I was too sick to safely
drive the tractor trailer.

My old response to this adversity would be to play a victim and whine...
My new response was to:

  • Get a better job

  • look into a law suit against the USPS

  • call MD Dept of Transportation to report that the company I worked for
    insisted that I exceed the DOT hours of service 3 times, 2 times knowing
    full well I was sick.

  • (a CDL truck driver cannot legally drive over 60 hours a week, I did 2 74 hour
    weeks and my first week was 15 consecutive days and 77 hours)

    Side Bar: If it's Christmas time and you're driving on the nations highways late at night and a US Post Office Mail Contractor tractor trailer is weaving in and out of their lane... slow down and give them a wide berth!

    The driver is likely too tired to be behind the wheel!!

    I've not posted lately
    more comming soon, I've lots of new stuff to write about.

    oh, yeah, the offending Mail contractor is:
    Blue Mountain Express Inc.
    Frederick MD

    shit happens

    This article is for informational purposes only.
    Please contact a licensed professional in your area
    if you are in crisis or require mental health services

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