Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Dr Drew Pinskey of Love Line Once counseled a young woman in his TV show
who was feeling depression over a failed relationship she had with a young man.

The man was apparently using her for sex (a f**k buddy).

The woman thought they were a couple and was wanting to continue the relationship
at any cost, she was apparently willing to have sex with the man even if he clearly
wanted to see other women.

This would be ok IF she was telling herself the truth about what was happening-

She had tremendously painful feelings of loss, pain and wondering why he would do this.

She was ‘hallucinating’ that they were still a couple.

Dr Drew told her that just because she had strong feelings for the man didn’t mean he did.
A codependent does this often. She *hallucinated* that her feelings MUST also be felt by him (for her)

I used the term *hallucinated*, the way Tony Robbins uses it, codependents tend to add stuff that isn't there
to what they think, they *halluncinate* x, y or z

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