Thursday, June 12, 2003

I just tried to set up a mailing list so people could join and post questions and just share experience, strength and hope AND ask for advise AND not get slammed for cross talk...well it's too complicated for me right now. My webhost (which is very good btw) uses the ezmlm script and the config is more than I care to tackle at the moment.

As I type this I'm uploading the phpbbs script so we can have a bulletin board/ forum/ message board.

This is to set up an interactive place for people who want to recover from repetitive victim behavior to do just what I said above.

I've not yet learned all there is to learn about html, or cgi...this will be my first php install

we'll soon see:~)

more later

Notes to self:

I'm supposed to be trading articles with
remember to upload his very cool, short article on self esteem...
hmm, maybe I did already, wasn't he suppposed to look at it and give the final yea or nea?

remember to upload Dr Townsends excerpts to his boundary book
that's good stuff

more later

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