Friday, June 13, 2003

Ok, I just found the how to section of
now I'll be able to see what this can do:~)

I just added a couple more pages to
And the machine shop that has my car's cylnder head might be finished with it today- that means I can rebuild my car's motor
over the weekend and be mobile once again- yeah me!

And I've just finished listening to the first two Tony Robbins "Get the Edge" CDs
I had Personal Power and my doing Tony's workshops (which is what they are, really) are responsible for the vast majority
of my growth and recovery over the past 12 years.
It kinda bummed me out to be selling Personal Power from and find out that I can't get it
anymore. So I'll sell Get the Edge- it is better in some ways than personal power- it's more condensed for one thing.
more later

How To Spot A Codependent

OR how to discover that you're codependent, a checklist A) codependents want chronic maladies, they want to have to "treat" ...