Saturday, June 14, 2003

Ok it appears that I can't set this up so others can post, well maybe if I buy the upgrade?
For now, I'll keep this-
What updates have I done?
For starters the navigation links at the top of each page has grown too large, it's unwieldy.
So, I'm moving many articles to a directory called /articles
I moved a few today- look at them here

Noteworthy is the new one I added written by the nutritional gurus I follow, Dr. Ray Hinish and Dr. Brian Sanderoff
check it out here: Cholesterol : The Heart Of The Matter Once Upon A Time, There Lived A Lab Rabbit

And I moved the article on Habits, and my one of my Mom's articles on Self Love vs Selfishness

I'm adding an entire section on self esteem, because my thesis is that victim behavior is fixed by setting healthy boundaries,
and a boundaries purpose is to defend the self-

If your self isn't worth defending...then that would suggest that you have a self esteem issue
The first couple articles I wanted to put up on self esteem, the author(s) are not returning my email
So, the one I have there now, while cute, isn't really a good intro, but it is appropriate for me to use
given my Tony Robbins theme of Emotions are in your body, not your head.

That's enough for now:
the sun just came out here in Baltimore- it's been raining for most of two months and I'm going outside:~(
more later

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