Thursday, June 12, 2003

My Mom just left for the airport, it was very cool to have my kids and her and my Dad be together for Amanda's high school graduation:~)
About this blog...I'm beginning to think I should add a message board to since I want others to be able to post here. Not sure, I think there are blogs that let other people post, but maybe not.
For now, this is more like an announcement mailing list, where I'm the only one that can post?
When I do install a message board script, I will make it so I have to approve or deny posts to keep spam posts or flame posts or
assholes from posting frivolous stuff there.
Damn, I need a blog that has spell check, I'll bet there is one out there somewhere
will have to copy n paste into Word and paste it back here, cause I don't spell worth a damn

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